WWE Raw: Burning Questions to Address After June 12 Show

After the wonderfully vicious draw separated fight between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe on Monday’s WWE Raw, things got strange and dazing in a rush.

The red brand brought Noam Dar down an abnormal way that saw him shouting at a phone toward the side of the ring. Bayley put on a show of being a milquetoast. And keeping in mind that a moving bear ended up amidst an advancing fight, neither Roman Reigns nor Finn Balor could state a similar thing.

Joe and Lesnar’s physical showdown deftly set up their match at Great Balls of Fire on July 9.

A significant part of whatever is left of Monday’s show couldn’t guarantee that sort of accomplishment. It was a wandering night that left one doubt a large portion of WWE’s decisions.

From Dar’s bearing to Bayley’s future, the accompanying is a glance at the greatest inquiries to rise up out of the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana, after the most recent Raw.


What on Earth Is WWE Doing with Dar?

Backstage, Dar video-talked with Alicia Fox. He was similarly as diverted there as he would soon be amid his match with Cedric Alexander.

Dar and Fox bandied on the telephone as The Scottish Supernova strolled down the on-ramp and as his session with commenced. Alexander exploited, beating Dar in only seven seconds.


It’s sufficiently awful WWE sold this fight as being over on the earlier week’s 205 Live just to prop it up here, yet the organisation found a crisp approach to making the cruiserweight division feel like a joke.

This wasn’t character improvement. This didn’t propel a story. It was basically misinformed booking.

Raise View Reviews writer Amanda Why was among those confounded by what they saw:


Is WWE going to consign Dar to a parody part? Is it simply tossing thoughts at the divider to perceive what sticks? There doesn’t appear to be a solid part set up for him at all.

Sadly, he has been the cruiserweight division’s greatest whiff up to this point.


What’s the Plan for Balor?

With not long to go until Great Balls of Fire, Balor doesn’t have a match or an opponent.

Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt are obviously on an impact course. A three-path fight between Dean Ambrose, Elias Samson and The Miz is unfurling. In any case, there’s nothing for Balor.

The Demon King didn’t show up on Raw, as he’s been flying out crosswise over Asia to play organisation representative. Rather, WWE disclosed a non-specific vignette to help us to remember his nearness.


At the point when he’s back in the ring, who will play his thwart? Will he have an opportunity to get some footing? It is safe to say that he will miss Great Balls of Fire, similarly as he missed Payback and WrestleMania?

Balor is an uncommon ability with a solid association with the group. The perfect opponent may not be accessible right now, but rather WWE needs to discover something for him to do.

Notwithstanding cutting down the Titus Brand by punishing Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil would be desirable overall the more bench warming.

How Can WWE Rehab Bayley?

Bayley sat down with Corey Graves to talk about her misfortune to Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules. What ought to have been a refocusing of her character turned out to be more confirmation that WWE is uncertain of how to deal with The Huggable One.


She put on a show of being delicate and uncertain of herself. She discussed experiencing difficulty with viciousness. The enchantment Bayley had going at NXT was absent here.

It was an incredible disillusioning scene.

Andrew M. Quick of Cageside Seats pondered so anyone might hear about this conservative component of her demonstration:


Is WWE going to make sense of this? Will its scholars discover approaches to highlight her qualities and make the superhero to young ladies the all around engaging underdog she can be?

A long break from TV would be an awesome beginning to that procedure.

The Raw Women’s Championship scene is swarmed. WWE ought to give the reckoning a chance to work for Bayley’s arrival and utilise her break as a way to change her introduction.

A triumphant rebound and Renaissance are conceivable with a clearer feeling of where WWE needs to run with her.

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