Watch: Shock Footage of McGregor Boxing Former World Champion Released

The boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas is one of the most-hyped fights in the history of the sport.

McGregor, who vowed to become “a god of boxing” when he beats Mayweather, sits atop the leader board in UFC, his primary sport.

Speculation continues to mount as to whether the UFC superstar can handle his first professional boxing match against an opponent who came out of a two-year retirement to put his 49-0 record on the line.

UFC President Dana White, aware that many continue to doubt McGregor, uploaded some videos Friday to show that his boxing skills might not be as raw as some expect.

The clips show McGregor’s sparring session with former IBF and WBA champion Paulie Malignaggi. In White’s first video, McGregor is seen landing a slew of punches to Malignaggi’s head, including a powerful left punch that visibly stuns the former champ.

McGregor delivers a flurry of strong punches to Malignaggi in the second video, forcing him down to the canvas before the referee breaks up the match.

Malignaggi helped McGregor’s camp prepare for his fight against Mayweather for several months, but he quit after photos leaked of him on the canvas during a sparring session with McGregor on Aug. 1.

The leaked photos showed him lying down with McGregor standing over him, depicting an exchange where he was knocked out by McGregor. Malignaggi said he believed he was being used for propaganda rather than his talents inside the ring.

“I believe Conor and I have a mutual respect inside the ring, earned from each other with some good work over two sparring sessions,” the boxer said in a statement. “It’s some of the stuff outside the ring and some ways some things were handled in training camp that I didn’t agree with that made me come to this decision.”

While McGregor has never boxed in a professional match before, he has quite a few advantages over Mayweather. He is 29 years old while Mayweather is 40, and the UFC superstar is quick, agile, powerful and, more important, hungry.

The UFC fighter doesn’t lack confidence, but he has been told for months that he has no chance and can’t beat the 49-0 Mayweather.

McGregor’s sparring sessions are impressive, but his ability to overcome doubt from his critics will likely be the biggest driving factor for him next week.

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