Watch: Many Are Calling This the ‘ Knockout of the Year ’ — You Decide

Kazbek Kabulov just delivered one of the most brutal knockouts we have ever seen in professional fighting.

The Russian leveled Singdam Kiatmuu in Hong Kong during the Yokkao 25 & 26 Muay Thai event Monday with an incredibly athletic spinning kick in the first round.

The two fighters opened the round slowly gauging one another and waiting to see who would essentially make the first big move.

Kabulov scored early after landing a powerful shot to the body of Singdam, who responded with a handful of leg kicks.

As Singdam pressed forward, leaving himself slightly exposed, Kabulov’s delivered the violent kick to Singdam’s head with just one minute remaining in the first round. reporter Zach Aittama said, “Russia’s Kazbek Kabulov shocked the world when he brutally knocked out Singdam Yokkaosaenchaigym (as known as Singdam Kiatmuu9). Kabulov ended Singdam’s nine-fight winning streak and became only the second non-Thai fighter to defeat him.”

A photo of the kick was uploaded to Kabulov’s Instagram account, with the caption simply reading “good night.”

In the Yokkao 25 & 26 main events, the legendary champion Saenchai defeated Spain’s Jonathan Fabian to win his 30th consecutive fight.

While events like these don’t generate media hysteria like Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Conor McGregor, these matches show there are great fighters and athletes around the world waiting to be recognized.

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