WATCH: Donald Trump commits cardinal sin, drives golf cart onto green at his club

A few sins, my companions, can’t be pardoned. Donald Trump is the leader of the United States and a notable golf enthusiast. While we can face off regarding whether he discouraged equity in an FBI examination, regardless of whether his partners intrigued with Russia over the span of the 2016 decision, whether he has substituted ALL-CAPS TWEETS for nuanced outside approach or whether his organization has added to a situation where seethe is the common state of mind, we would all be able to concur on this:

Mr. President, you don’t drive your golf truck on the green.


Yes, yes, you are the most capable man on the planet. Furthermore, yes, you claim the green and everything around it at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, one of 17 fairways around the globe that conveys your name. Still, sir: a golf truck? On the green? Weeks before the U.S. Ladies’ Open? Why it’s the golf behavior likeness putting ketchup on a well-done steak!

(For the non-golfers: running the thick feels worn out on an overwhelming truck over a green can place trenches in the sensitive grass, making it harder for the general population following behind you to putt and destroying the diligent work of the support groups. It’s a rupture of dignity that has gotten individuals ousted and restricted from fairways … ones they don’t themselves possess, obviously.)

Anyway, look. It is his course, and he can do what he wishes. This is golf, all things considered, not national security. And you should simply tune into his merry chat with the brothers taping this to see a measure of his interest to the everyman. Yet: in the event that this prompts a plague of golfers driving their trucks onto the green, well … this may be the move that turns a portion of the president’s most golf-ardent supporters against him.

Donald Trump on the course. (Getty)



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