Watch: This video of Conor McGregor Apologises To Dana White Made a Lot of People Cry

As Ariel Helwani correctly pointed out on The MMA Hour last week, it’s crazy that the actual fight was the best thing about Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, when most thought it was a sideshow for the build up that was going to provide the entertainment.

The press conferences were largely awful, and even Showtime’s legendary All Access series failed to hold the attention of the large numbers of people interested in this fight, but that is not to say the series did not have its moments.

The final episode of All Access landed this weekend which offered a look behind the scenes on fight night, and in it, we saw a vulnerable side of Conor McGregor we are not used to seeing.

After showing the celebrations in Mayweather’s locker room, where celebrities you just know would not have been there had he lost posed for pictures, we then saw how things went down in McGregor’s camp, where he apologized to Dana White for losing the fight.

The UFC president rejected his apology and insisted that he was ‘ecstatic’ with Conor’s performance and the interaction made for an interesting watch.

He felt as though he let White and the UFC down.

Some top-notch marketing by getting the Notorious whiskey in there to pick the spirits up, but that’s a side of McGregor we rarely get to see. Genuine disappointment.

If you weren’t too fussed with the first four episodes, perhaps give episode five of All Access: Mayweather Vs McGregor a chance, it’s easily the best of the series.

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