VIDEO: Conor McGregor meets Floyd Mayweather


After Khabib Nurmagomedov’s late withdrawal from UFC 209, the lightweight division stays as confounded as ever, in spite of the McGregor holding the belt. He is in no rush to shield the title and appears to have his eyes set on a battle with the unbeaten Mayweather. The 40-year-old boxer, who has not battled since September 2015 has a 49-0 record. He is presently basically filling in as a boxing promoter.

On Saturday night, the Olympic bronze medallist was in England at an occasion in Birmingham, when he was joined in front of an audience by Dublin impressionist Al Foran.

McGregor, Mike Tyson, Al Pacino and even Donald Trump joined a stunned Mayweather in front of an audience, entreating him to bring the battle with The Notorious.

John Kavanagh, mentor of Conor McGregor, and Shane Lowry were among those on Twitter who were inspired by Foran’s work on Saturday night.



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