Raiders Fan Gets Jumped By Dolphins Fans During SNF; GF Has To Jump In To Stop It (VIDEO)

I feel like we say this every week, but there was yet another case of fans behaving badly in the stands.

During Sunday Night Football, the Oakland Raiders were in town to face the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium and eventually walked out of there with a 27-24 victory when it was all said and done.

However, in the stands, alone Raiders fan took home an L when he got into a confrontation with a few Dolphins fans during that game. It started with the Raiders fan walking up the stairs and then being pushed from behind. He tried to fight back, but there was at least two of them ready to pound him.

Thankfully, people started to separate them, but it wasn’t until his girlfriend came down to stop another Dolphins fan from trying to attack him that it finally stopped.

You can hear her tell the Dolphins fans, “Don’t hurt people. Just have fun.”

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