NFL Honored the Troops on Veterans Day Weekend, But the Real Story Was the Seats Behind the Players

The NFL’s national anthem protests have been a hot topic for the last few months as hundreds of players have protested and thousands of fans have fired back by boycotting the league. Ratings have dropped, ticket sales have gone through the floor, and the NFL has ultimately become one of the most divisive brands in the country.

Because of this, Veterans Day weekend was anticipated to be no different, as many feel national anthem protests disrespect our troops who fought for the flag. However, the protests were put aside Sunday, and many players even went out of their way to do things for veterans on the field.

But not many fans were present to see that, as stadiums looked like ghost towns. Just look at these pictures:

Whether NFL boycotts and previous national anthem protests caused the dip in attendance Sunday or not, one thing is clear: The NFL is struggling.

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