Melania Forgoes Event Planner and Pulls Classy Additions From Multiple Admins for First State Dinner

On Tuesday, first lady Melania Trump will host her first state dinner with French President Emmanuel Macron and French first lady Brigitte Macron. While Trump will be front and center, the event will feature items from multiple different administrations.

According to Time, guests will feast on vegetables from the White House kitchen garden, which former first lady Michelle Obama planted in 2009.

While many Americans may break out the Chinet plastic plates for large functions, White House guests will have their meal served on the real deal.

Tuesday’s event will reportedly include pieces from the china sets of former President George W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton.

“The Clinton china services coordinate with the dinner’s gold and white color scheme while the Bush service will complement the green and white floral arrangements that will pepper the State Dining room,” Time explained.

Over 1,200 cherry blossom branches from throughout the United States will adorn the Cross Hall. The State Dining Room will be decorated with over 2,500 white sweet pea stems and 1,000 white lilac stems.

Politico reported that unlike former President Barack Obama’s events, which often had over 350 guests, Trump is opting for a style more akin to Bush, with close to 150 guests.


Watch the video below:

The Trump White House is also breaking with precedent by opting not to use an event planner and instead had the first lady’s office coordinate the dinner.

“Mrs. Trump has been involved in every detail of the planning,” Melania’s press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, told Politico. “Over the past few months, she has been very focused on guest experience, tradition and our country’s rich history with France.”

Very few members of Congress were invited to the dinner, and Democratic Congress members were excluded entirely.

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