Why McGregor Has Auditors Working Like ‘Sharks’ After Mayweather Fight?

Conor McGregor may have lost his Saturday night fight with Floyd Mayweather, but in suffering a 10th round TKO, the UFC champion lasted longer than many experts predicted.

The fight was easily one of the most anticipated sporting events of the summer, and also one of the most lucrative for the fighters. Mayweather was guaranteed a reported $100 million, while McGregor is due a minimum of $30 million.


But the final payout for both fighter could triple once all revenues from the fight are calculated. Mayweather said after the fight, the live gate was tracking for a record-setting $80 million.

In the post-match news conference, the challenger said he’s going to make sure he gets the money coming to him.

“Well, now we go into the accounting phase,’’ McGregor said. “I send auditors in there like (expletive) sharks.’’

But the 29-year-old McGregor says the money won’t change his lifestyle — which based on reports, may not be such a big surprise.

McGregor’s personal clothier told USA Today that his client drops more than $1 million annually on clothes. He also has a habit of collecting luxury cars.

Still, with a potential $100 million after the pay-per-view numbers and merchandise sales are calculated, McGregor is set for life.

Sporting a shiner under his left eye, the MMA star brought a bottle of Notorious Irish Whiskey to the news conference and suggested he’ll be hawking his personally branded liquor in the near future.

For someone with a personality as outlandish as McGregor, it doesn’t sound like he wants to be crazy with his money.

“The money’s good for me,” McGregor said. “I’m very blessed and very happy I’m in the position I’m in. Right now I’m in the stage of forever money. As long as I’m tactical and make some smart decisions and don’t do anything stupid, I’m set for life.’’

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