Marca: Real Madrid buys Kylian Mbappé for record breaking 180m euros

Real Madrid will soon complete the transfer of Kilian Mbape after the European champion has already reached a deal with Monaco over the damages of the French “miracle of a child”. According to the newspaper “Marca”, referring to sources from the Real administration, Monaco’s leaders accepted the incredible offer of 180 million euros that arrived from Madrid.

It is not yet clear whether the offer is $ 160 million at the signing, plus 20 million through clauses, or it is a “formula 150 + 30”, but the “princes” have already given the go-ahead for the departure of their new “star”. Mabape has already made it clear that he wants to go to Madrid and sign for the most successful European club, and with the agreement of the teams no longer has any obstacles to this transfer as soon as possible.

Zinedine Zidane would like to have Mpabe available as soon as possible so that the young goalkeeper can adapt to the new environment, so the transfer is expected to be completed in the coming days for the Frenchman to attack his team already for the Super Cup of Europe Against Manchester United in Skopje. This transfer will be far more expensive than the current record of Paul Pogba from Juventus in Real Madrid, but it is still under the 222m euros that PSG is willing to pay for Neymar from Barcelona.

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