HORROR injury! The Whole Arena is in Disbelief! Gordon Hayward Suffered a Gruesome Broken Leg

The new season in the NBA began in the worst possible way, with a severe injury to the Boston Celtics basketball player, Gordon Hayward.

Hayward had an awkward jump after an attacking leap of the first game in the new season against Cleveland. The winged player, who came from Utah Jazz in the summer transition as a big reinforcement, suffered a fracture of the hock, and for him, the season is over.

The injury could be heard over the television broadcast and once everybody in the arena realized what happened, a hush came over the crowd, followed the faint sounds of people whispering in shock.

Even without seeing the injury, the severity of the moment could be detected by seeing the reaction of players sitting near Hayward on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench. They didn’t see the injury immediately, but when they did, they all either turned their heads or covered their face in horror.

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