He survived Chapecoense plane crash and returned to the field

After the great tragedy that occurred at the Capecoense team on November 28, last year, when almost all members of the club lost their lives in a plane crash, one of the surviving players is returning to football.

Alan Rachel, one of the three surviving players, successfully recovered from the injuries he sustained in the accident and played several days ago his first game after eight months out of the field. Namely, the Brazilian played 40 minutes in a friendly match that Capecoense played with Defensa y Justicia.

“I have butterflies in the stomach, I’m ready to go back to football completely,” commented Rachel after the match with Justicia.

Now it is expected that Rachel will be the flagship of the team of the friendly match against the great Barcelona that will be played on August 8 at Camp Nou.

In addition to Rachel, the plane crash survived and defense player Helio Neto, who will also return to football when he recovers completely, as well as the young goalkeeper, Jackson Folman, who unfortunately lost one leg, but will remain in football as a coach and advisor to Goalkeepers of Capecoense.

“I’ll be back in 2018. I’m like an old car, I have problems everywhere. I had an operation of the gall bladder, and next week I will go to the knee surgery” said Neto.

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