Hafthor Björnsson, A.K.A. The Mountain from GoT, Says He Was “Victimized” of World’s Strongest Man Title

At the point when The Mountain gets irritated on TV, he beheads steeds and pounds human skulls with his uncovered hands.

Gratefully, when he gets annoyed, in actuality, he just whines about online networking like whatever is left of us.

This previous end of the week, 28-year-old Hafthor Björnsson of Iceland, the expert strongman who plays The Mountain on HBO’s Game of Thrones, lost the title of World’s Strongest Man by a solitary indicate 29-year-old Eddie Hall of England. Be that as it may, Björnsson supposes he ought to have won. He says the official unreasonably docked him one rep on the Viking Press.

Subsequent to taking the L, Björnsson wrote in an Instagram post, “This end of the week I was looted. The honesty of my adored game is being referred to.”

Björnsson later erased that post, most likely at the command of his marketing expert. He then supplanted it with another post, clarifying his complaint in more measured tone.

Take a look:


It certainly seems like The Mountain has a point. Can’t see why that last rep wouldn’t count.

What do you think, internet? Was The Mountain robbed?


When are they going to make chairs that fits me? 😖 #StrongmanProblems

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