DEA in chase after former Barcelona player on suspicion of involvement with cartel “Los Flores”

Authorities in the United States yesterday issued a list of names of individuals and companies that received sanctions due to links to the narco boss Raul Flores Hernandez, the first man on the Los Flores cartel.

He is not very familiar to the public, but people close to the Agency for the Suppression of Drug Trafficking (DEA) say it may be on the same level as “El Chapo” Guzman.

The list includes 21 Mexican nationals, including Rafa Marquez, one of the most famous players in Mexico’s history and former Barcelona player. The defender in the Barca jersey won everything that could be won.

There are 42 companies on the blacklist, nine of which are owned by Rafa Marquez.

All of these people have been withdrawn visas, their assets have been frozen, and companies from the United States have a ban on any business with them.

Rafa Marquez immediately announced that he had been wrongly accused and announced that he had to face the hardest game with which he should have his cheek.

“In my career, I have played many meetings, but this is my most difficult game, I will try to clarify this situation as soon as possible,” Rafa Merkez told a press conference.

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