Cubs visit President Donald Trump at White House: ‘This is a great team’

Only over five months after a hearty East Room festivity with President Barack Obama, a few Cubs players, mentors, and officials had a more humble festival Wednesday in the West Wing with President Donald Trump.

“This is an incredible group,” Trump told correspondents of the 2016 World Series champions as he visited with the champs in the Roosevelt Room alongside the Series trophy. “They were in reality here, however they needed to be here with Trump.”

Trump appeared to recognize the Cubs were attempting to rehash a year ago’s noteworthy execution.

“Your group’s doing OK,” he said with a fence in his voice. “Be that as it may, will do awesome beginning now, right?”

Regularly, World Series victors plan a visit to the White House for a formal festival amid the accompanying season, for the most part when they are playing either the Nationals or adjacent Orioles.

In any case, Obama, whose political profession started on the South Side of Chicago and whose spouse grew up a devotee of the North Siders, was anxious to get the group early, and a significant number of his staff from Chicago was quick to get it going. They came days before Obama left office, with group President Theo Epstein offering the White Sox fan a “midnight exculpate” among other memorabilia.

The Cubs have done a moment round of celebrating while in the country’s capital for a four-diversion arrangement with the Nationals. The title trophy was facilitated at the U.S. Legislative Hall on Tuesday and Chairman Tom Ricketts conveyed individuals from his squad to the White House on Wednesday.

Trump noticed that he had attempted to bring Tom’s sibling, Todd Ricketts, into his organization as appointed Commerce Secretary.

“But after about 9,000 pages of filings he said, nah I don’t want to be,” he said. Trump likewise singled out Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, another sibling, calling him an “extraordinary representative.” The whole Cubs program did not go to. Director Joe Maddon, star sluggers Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant and pitchers John Lackey and Jon Lester were among those present. There was anxious giggling in the room when Trump asked who was the best hitter on the group.

“I think you have a ton of them,” the president advertised.

Trump later welcomed players into the Oval Office, where the group introduced him a group shirt bearing his name and the number 45, and a “45” scoreboard notice.

Amid the Roosevelt Room gathering, Trump made an odd demand: soliciting to acquire the proprietor from the NBA’s Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, to posture with the gathering. Not exclusively did the Cubs overcome the Indians to win the 2016 World Series, however, Gilbert’s Cavs quite recently lost the NBA Finals to the Warriors.

As Gilbert reluctantly joined the gathering Gary Cohn, Trump’s top financial guide, called attention to it was extreme neighborhood legislative issues to do as such.

“I’m attempting to secure him,” Cohn told the president.


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